November 02, 2016

Today we'd like to rewind the spools of time to look at the origin of eyelash extensions. As far back as the 1880's Parisians were sewing hair into the eyelids to accentuate their eyes.

In 1902, hair stylist and inventor, Charles Nessler patented “A New or Improved Method of and Means for the Manufacture of Artificial Eyebrows, Eyelashes and the like" in the U.K. A year later found him selling artificial eyelashes in his salon.

As for the Americas, in 1911 a Canadian woman named Anna Taylor patented false eyelashes in the U.S. Most notable, however, was the use of false lashes in the 1916 film, "Intolerance, Love’s Struggle through the Ages” by director David Griffith. He wanted his leading lady Seena Owen to stand out in her role with human hair lashes that "that brushed her cheeks, to make her eyes shine larger than life."

Over the years, lashes attached to a fringe base became popular. Then, in the 40’s and 50’s artificial lashes emerged that allowed a few hairs to be attached to the lids known as "flares" or "clusters". By the 1960’s the doe-eyed version of lashes was trending, made popular by the model, actress, and singer, Twiggy. Those lashes were made either with human hair or artificial fibers.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s where lash extensions were being created in Japan and Korea. Women in the public eye, particularly celebrities, models and movie stars began the trend towards eyelash enhancement which we see today. Modern lash extensions are made from fibers ranging from human hair, synthetic silk, polyester to Siberian mink. Today's lash extensions have it all--they are lightweight and comfortable to wear while beautiful to behold.

What was once a luxury of the wealthy, celebrities and supermodels has become available to every woman who wants to look her best! Whether using lashes for a professional appearance on the job, or looking lash-luscious on your wedding day, eyelash extensions are a safe, practical way to incorporate luxurious beauty into your daily routine.

At EBL Lashes, we are proud to provide only the highest quality PBT fiber lash extensions.