The Perfect Homemade Lash Wash

November 01, 2016

Have you been wondering how to make the perfect lash wash or what your clients should be using to wash their eyelash extensions? Yes, you read that right, it is okay to wash eyelash extensions! Many people are afraid to get their eyelash extensions wet but in reality you can be in more danger if you are not washing them. You need to keep your eyelash extensions clean to keep your natural lashes healthy. You also want to prevent bacteria build up at bay to avoid eye infections. As we discovered in our previous blog, you want to create a healthy environment to keep mites away, as they can create problems if you don't remove eye makeup daily.

We have a simple, easy, but effective eyelash cleaning recipe for you if you don't want to use an over-the-counter product. This way you know exactly what is in the wash, and avoid oil-based ingredients that might loosen the lash extension glue.

A Simple Wash Recipe

For this recipe, you will need one foam pump bottle, baby shampoo, and water.
Next, fill the foam pump bottle 2/3 full with the baby shampoo.
Add 1/3 with water, and voila! Now you have the best lash wash out there.
And there you have it! While we don't want you to touch your lash extensions needlessly, don't be afraid to keep them clean. This important step in your beauty routine will keep your lashes healthy and strong for maximum beauty!

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