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Keep Eyelash Extensions Clean with A Cleanser Brush

October 02, 2020

Keep Eyelash Extensions Clean with A Cleanser Brush

Want to keep your lashes lasting? The key is to keep them clean. We had a new product launch recently, this has been a long time coming! Good things take time, and this one was well worth the wait! Introducing our Cleanser Brushes. Yes brushes, there are two different styles for you to choose from!

So we already know that clean lashes are happy lashes right? Well these cleanser brushes are going to take your lash extensions from clean to ultra clean. Pair a brush of your choice with our already popular Foaming Wash. Using a brush with the cleanser will help get in-between those lashes where it can feb hard to clean without a brush.

Let's talk about the different styles. These brushes are so soft, durable, and great for individual use.

Cleanser Brushes

You can see on the left there is the Round Style brush. On the Right we have the Angled Style brush. The shape of the brush that you use is persona preference, both of them will have the same end result: clean lashes. 

It is a good idea as a lash artist to have the Foaming Wash and the Cleanser Brush on hand to retail to your clients. It is an easy sale and should be going home with each of your clients. 

Send a brush home with your client today, show them how to wash their lashes, and they will appreciate it so much! 



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