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Eyelash Extensions FAQ

We’re an industry-leading provider of premium eyelash extension products ranging from adhesive and remover to eyelash trays, tweezers, and even professional eyelash kits. Our exclusive professional lash extension products enhance your business by providing high-quality lash extensions to your clients. With our comprehensive eyelash extension FAQ, we go through the latest questions many cosmetologists and estheticians have. Whether you’re looking for best practices on the care of our eyelash extension products, lash training course information, eyelash extension facts, or many other commonly asked questions, we have quick answers. 

We compiled the latest eyelash extension FAQ to help those who are looking for fast answers to some commonly asked questions. 

  • Is your adhesive Latex free? 


  • How should I store my adhesive?

    Keep adhesives in the fridge until they are opened. You never need to store it in the freezer. Once they are opened, we recommend not to store them in the fridge. Make sure to always store the adhesive in an upright position to prevent leakage and spilling. We recommend not storing the adhesive for more than 5 months. We also recommend not purchasing more than 2 adhesives at a time for personal use. For best results, store it with the silica packet it came with to avoid moisture getting in the bottle. 

  • How long do I keep my adhesive? 

    We suggest that once the adhesive is opened to replace it every 4-6 weeks. It is a good idea to write the date on the adhesive to know when you opened it. Remember to wipe your nozzle after each use to keep the nozzle clean! 

  • What things should adhesive avoid? 

    Oil. It will break down the adhesive and cause fall out. UV lights such as tanning beds will break down the adhesive as well. 

  • How do you get the best retention? 

    Make sure that your client comes in with no masala and the natural lashes are clean before applying for the eyelash extensions. Make sure you are using enough adhesive. Make sure too have a good base attachment and that the eyelash extension and natural lash are flush with each other. "I did a set and all the extensions are popping off the Natural lash". This can happen for a few reasons. Make sure that you are using enough adhesive. Make sure that once you are dipping the eyelash extension into the adhesive that you are getting to the natural lash quick enough before the adhesive dries. Make sure the client has no traces of oil or makeup on the natural lashes. 

  • Which adhesive is best for my humidity? 

    Adhesive is attracted to moisture. The higher the humidity the quicker the adhesive will cure. Remember that most adhesives in a higher humidity of 50% or higher will cure quicker. Most adhesives in lower humidity will cure slower. (I can give specific examples as to which adhesive they should use?) Here they are just in case. Ultra X is great in most humidities but best in 30-70% and great for Classic lash extensions and new lash artists. Magic Adhesives (both clear and black) are great for Classic and Volume. Their preferred humidity is 15-70%. Grand Rapid Adhesive is great in lower humidities. It can be used in higher humidities it just will cure quicker. If you are looking for a very quick curing adhesive in a high humidity, then this may work for you. 

  • Which adhesive is best for sensitive eyes? 

    Clear Magic 

  • Can anyone take an eyelash course? 

    Most states require a Cosmetology or Esthetics License. If your state does, then yes, one is required to take the course. If you are currently enrolled in school, you can take the course with proof of school enrollment. If your state requires a license you will be required to show us proof. 

  • How many students are in each class? 

    We take up to 6 students per trainer. 

  • What is included in your training? 

    A Manual, Kit, Certificate, and Online Videos are included in an in-person training! 

  • Do you offer wholesale discounts on products? 

    Yes! We offer a discount to those that would like to order in bulk. If you purchase $500 or more in product, please email us for more information at hello@ebllashes.com. 

  • What are EBL Lashes made of? 

    They are made of the finest PBT fibers. There is no real mink in them. 

  • What are Volume Lashes? 

    It is a technique combined with small diameter lashes that create a fan. To create volume fans, you use smaller diameters such. as .03, .05, .06, and .07 

  • Are your volume lashes pre-made? 

    No. Our Volume eyelash extensions are individual lashes that you use to create your own fans. 


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