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Professional Online Eyelash Extension Courses


Online Lash Training

Continuing education for new & experienced lash artists

We believe that continuing education is key to delivering consistent, addiction-worthy transformations for your clients. If you’re looking to refresh your skills or learn something new, EBL’s online training courses are the perfect fit!

Whether you’re new to the lash scene or consider yourself a lash queen, we have an extensive library of online lash trainings that you’ll love. From Classic Lash Training to Volume Lash Training and more, our courses can be purchased separately or as a combo. Plus, each online training comes with video tutorials and an eyelash extension kit that we’ll send right to you!

Amp up your lash business with one of our online training courses today!

What does the online training include?

For the Classic Training:
Video tutorials of a full set, a fill, and a removal.
Classic Kit and manual.
Certificate, after instruction and approval from trainer.
Email correspondence and training with instructor. 

For the Advanced Volume Training:
Video tutorials of a full volume set and 2 techniques on how to make fans.
Volume Kit and Manual.
Certificate after instruction and approval from trainer.
Email correspondence and training with instructor.

 Classic & Advanced Volume Combo:

Shoot for the stars with the Combo class! You will receive the online Classic + Volume Training Videos, Manuals for Classic + Volume, and a Kit including everything you need to do both techniques. 

What do I need to do? 
  1. Choose the course of your choice
  2. Your instructor can be contacted via email lindy@ebllashes.com
  3. Watch all videos + read manual (your manual and kit will be shipped to you)
  4. Complete 3 live models and take before and after pictures as you go
  5. Contact your instructor with questions. You must provide at least 3 photos of each model. You can send the models all at once or you can send one model at a time. This can be done at your own pace, there is no deadline. 
What do I need?
    • A computer or device with access to internet to watch the videos (When downloading the videos they must be downloaded to a computer or laptop. They do not save and download to a phone or tablet)

    • We recommend to purchase a good light to apply the eyelash extensions and to take photos. Glamcor lights and Ring lights are great for eyelash extensions.

    • If you have questions about this course please ask before purchasing, we cannot offer refunds after our manual has been shipped or videos have been purchased. 

 Kits include

Classic Training Kit

1 Classic Training Manual
1 Practice Lash Strip
1 Class Certificate once all training requirements are met
1 Primer
1 Sealer
1 Large Jade Stone
1 Tweezer Case
1 Surgical Tape
1 of 100 Micro Swabs
1 Pair of Tweezers
1 Pack of 50 Mascara Wands
1 Pair of Tweezers
1 Adhesive
1 Gel Remover 15ml
10 Pairs of Eye Pads
1 (50 pack) Mascara Wands
4 Classic Mixed Lash Trays (if you have a preference please let us know, if not tray sizes will be randomly selected. Let us know by writing in the "notes" section of the order.)

Advanced Volume Training Kit

1 Class Certificate once all training requirements are met
4 Volume Mixed Lash Trays
2 Volume Tweezers
1 Volume Training Manual
1 Volume Adhesive

Combo Course Kit 

1 Volume Training Manual
1 Classic Training Manual
4 Lash Trays (2 Classic, 2 Volume) 
1 Primer
1 Sealer
1 Gel Remover
10 Eye Pads
1 Tape
1 Blower
1 Tile
1 Cleansing Brush 
1 Lash Wash
1 Micro swabs
1 Client Aftercare cards
1 Adhesive- Magic 
1 Jade Stone 
3 Tweezers (1 Isolation, 1 Classic, 1 Volume)
1 Practice Lash Strip
1 Mesh Bag
Class Certificate once all training requirements are met

Instructor available via email lindy@ebllashes.com 


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