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The Beauty of Volume Lash Extensions

November 01, 2016

The Beauty of Volume Lash Extensions

Today we are going to cover a little bit of information about Volume eyelash extensions. These extensions are a technique that was introduced to the United States in 2013 after originating in Russia. In fact, they were originally referred to as Russian Volume Lashes. These amazing lashes have made it possible for a lash artist to apply more than one eyelash extension to one natural lash.

How is this possible, you might ask? Well, the diameters used for volume eye lash extensions are different than those used for classic. For volume we can use .05,.06,.07, and .10. Depending on which diameter you are using you can safely apply up to six eyelash extensions per natural lash. To purchase volume lash trays click here.

Volume is great for those clients who have fewer natural lashes, or just have some gaps to fill in. Volume lashes are lighter than classic lashes, in fact they are fluffier as well which helps give the wearer a fuller, dramatic look. Conversely, it can also be more natural, so it varies depending the look the client is going for.

At EBL lashes, we do not recommend doing either of these (classic or volume) without professional training, and highly recommend them to be applied by a professional lash artist only.

We hope this information has been helpful for you!

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The Beauty of Volume Lash Extensions