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How to Choose Eyelash Extensions

With so many different eyelash extension types and variations, it can become difficult to find the right solution for your clients. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect eyelash extensions. Some factors that determine how to choose eyelash extensions can range from the overall eye shape, eyelid shape, the qualities of their natural lashes, and ultimately their preferences. Whether you’re looking for volume lashes or classic lashes, both options provide exceptional results. See what some of the biggest factors on how to choose eyelash extensions are. 

Eyelash Extension Curl 

Whether your client wants a dramatic lash look or something simple, the curl choice of your lash extension can make a huge impact. Our premium eyelash extension trays are available with various curl options, with each individual curl creating a unique look. Our lash extension curl types come in various lengths and curls to best suit your needs. 

Eyelash Extension Diameter 

When referring to each eyelash extension’s diameter, it’s commonly known as the width of the lash extension. Our lash extension collection has various diameter lengths available, which create different effects depending on eye type. 

Colored Eyelash Extension 

Some clients may prefer a pop of color with their lash extensions, and colored lash trays can be the perfect solution. Popular lash extension colors include pink, purple, and blue—they’re a fun twist on regular lashes.  

The EBL Difference 

At Extensions by Lindy, our exclusive lash extension collection includes the tools and accessories needed to run a successful business. We’re proud to provide high-quality lash extension products that are designed to last; your clients can feel confident that the products you use are made with care. We offer EBL certification with our lash training courses available both online and throughout various states—including California, Texas, Utah, Indiana, Virginia, Arizona, and Nevada. We help take the guesswork out of how to choose eyelash extensions so you can have confidence in the lashes you use. 

How to Choose Eyelash Extensions | Lash Extension Curl Types