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Lash Extension Care Tips

With the help of our lash extension care tips, we can help you achieve long-lasting and quality lashes. There are countless simple ways to keep your lashes looking and feeling fresh, so they can last even longer. It’s important to always make sure you’re using high-quality lash extension tools and professional products to ensure the best results for your clients. No matter what tips or tricks you use to care for your lashes, always practice good self-hygiene and your lashes will do the rest of the work for you.

Lash Extension Tips & Tricks

With many years of industry-leading experience, we have the latest lash extension care tips to ensure you’re helping your clients get the most out of their lashes. Each tip is simple and something that you can easily do to get the most out of your lash extensions.

Tips to Keep Lash Extensions Longer

Here are some lash extension care tips that will help them last longer:

  • Don’t play with them: Constant touching of your lashes can cause harsh damage; it is best to let them be. Avoid rubbing or picking at your lashes—this will dramatically help them last longer.
  • Comb your lash extensions: Combing your eyelash extensions will help prevent any crisscrossing lashes or messy looks.
  • Try sleeping on your back: This will prevent any kinks from forming in your lashes and can help them stay in place.

About Extensions by Lindy

At Extensions by Lindy, we take pride in providing high-quality eyelash extensions and lash training courses designed to help you be successful. Enhance your lash extension skills with our many online or in-person courses that dive into how to properly care for and put on lashes. Through our professional lash extension products, we give you high-quality tools that you need to care for your clients and help provide them value.

Lash Extension Care Tips | Tips to Keep Lash Extensions Longer