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Grand Rapid


Grand Rapid is a super fast drying glue great for classic or volume eyelash extensions. With its super fast dry time it is recommended for experienced lash artists. It is a thicker glue compared to our Ultra X.  Grand Rapid should be changed about every 20-30 minutes on a jade stone for best results. 1 second dry time, 6 week hold! For best hold use at 10-40% humidity. The lower the humidity the best this glue will perform. Adhesive performs best at 65-75 Degrees F. This glue is black in color. 


Grand Rapid can be stored for up to 3 months unopened, in the refrigerator, however we highly recommend not trying to store the adhesive that long, especially if you don't have a refrigerator that can hold temps very closely without ever getting too cold and damaging the adhesive. Once adhesive is opened we do not recommend storing it in a refrigerator. Once opened store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat. Make sure bottle is closed securely after each use. Once opened it is recommended to replace every 6 weeks.


Alkoxy-2-Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Black Color


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