Lash Training Kit (Kit only, For Online Courses)


Online Training

In most states you must be a certified cosmetologist or aesthetician to take this course and do eyelash extensions. Check with your state board for more info about your states laws. This course is also available for students currently enrolled in cosmetic or aesthetician school, but you cannot do eyelashes until your schooling is complete and your state issues you a cosmetology aesthetician license.

We offer both a Classic Lash Training Online and Volume Lash Training Online.

What does the online training include?

For the Classic Training: Video tutorials of a full set, a fill, and a removal. You must purchase the Online Classic Training Kit.

For the Volume Training: Video tutorials of a full volume set and how to make fans. You must purchase the Online Volume Training Kit.

What do I need to do?

Purchase the Video in the link below, videos must be purchased in order to receive your manual. 
Purchase your kit, your kit will get you all of the products you will need to get started, a manual, a certificate, and a 30 minute live chat with your instructor.
Watch all videos (They are available to you for 30 days)
Read manual
Practice on 3 live models provide clear good before and after pictures of each models eyelashes
Complete a 30 minute live chat with your instructor where the instructor will answer any questions
We will mail your certificate
What do I need?

A computer or device that can be connected to internet to watch the videos

A camera or phone to take and send the photos (Please send all photos to

Click the link below to preview or purchase our Classic or Volume online training. The Page you are on now is to purchase the online training kit only, and may only be purchased along with the online videos that are linked right below this paragraph labeled VOLUME COURSES and CLASSIC COURSES, you must purchase both the kit (from this page) and the video courses (from the links below this paragraph) if you are planning on getting certified. The link below will take you to Vimeo which is the host for the video, once there follow the steps to purchase the videos for the course you will purchasing a kit for. 


 Kits include


1 Training Manual
1 False lash strip for practice
1 Class certificate once all training requirements are met
1 30 minute live chat with instructor
1 Eyelash extension primer 50ml
1 Black Diamond Coating Sealant 7ml
1 Large Jade Stone
1 Tweezer case
1 Surgical tape
1 (100 pack) Microswabs
1 Pair of tweezers
1 adhesive
1 Gel remover15ml
10 pairs eye patches (5 pink and 5 white)
1 (50 pack) Mascara wands
4 Mink Lash Trays (if you have a preference please let us know, if not tray sizes will be randomly selected)



1 30 Minute Live Chat with instructor
1 Class Certificate once all training requirements are met
4 Volume Lash Trays
1 pair volume tweezers
1 Volume Training Manual
1 Grand Rapid Adhesive









Video courses are not included with this kit, videos must be purchased by following these links




    Volume Lash Trailer from EBL Lashes on Vimeo.