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This adhesive has a drying time of 2-3 seconds. X adhesive can hold up to 6 weeks on the clients natural lash. Lash artists love the thin viscosity of the X. It is a very thin adhesive so once it dries it is unnoticeable. It is so lightweight and has very little irritation. This is also a great solution for a sensitive client.  This is a great option for Classic Lashes. 


Directions for use

Shake your X adhesive for 30-60 seconds before each use. Use a pea sized amount of adhesive on the jade stone at a time. Add a new drop of adhesive during application every 20-30 minutes. Make sure to keep your nozzle tip clean of glue.


Store in a cool place. Keep out of heat and direct sunlight. Always store in an upright position. This adhesive is not required to be refrigerated, but can be until opened. Never store adhesive in the freezer. X should be replaced every 4-6 weeks once opened. It can be stored unopened up to 6 months, in the refrigerator, however we highly recommend not trying to store the adhesive that long, especially if you don't have a refrigerator that can hold temps very closely without ever getting too cold and damaging the adhesive. The ideal humidity is 30-70%. 


Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, 2-Ethoxyethyl-2-cyano 2-propenoate, Methyl Methacrylate Polymer, black

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