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Avoiding Eyelash Mites with Excellent Care

November 01, 2016

Avoiding Eyelash Mites with Excellent Care

You probably didn't want to know this, but there are microscopic parasitic mites living on your face. The good news is, they munch on your dead skin cells and sebum, the oils you secrete. Sebum is created inside hair follicles, which is where mites like to hang out. There are only two kinds that can live on your skin, the Demodex Brevis mites and Demodex Folliculorum.

How can you tell if you have them? You may have dandruff near the roots of your eyelashes, your eyelids might itch, and you might feel a burning sensation and constant irritation. If you notice your eyelashes becoming brittle and falling out, you definitely have them.

If you wear heavy eye makeup and don’t thoroughly wash them off before you go to sleep, you are more susceptible to having mites. They are also more common with age. If you have oily skin, you will be more prone to having mites, and if you go to bed with your eye makeup on, you are playing with fire, so to speak. In fact, according to Dr. Oz, 50% of Americans have eyelash mites from sleeping with their eye makeup on!

So what can you do about these little guys (and gals)? Washing your eyelashes twice a day can help. You will want to wash your lashes daily to keep mites off your face. Be sure to wash your bed linens and pillow cases frequently.

Since mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria, throw away your old eye makeup, especially your mascara, and buy a new one. (Remember not to wear mascara on your eyelash extensions though, just on the lower lashes! And never share eye makeup! For the most part, we live in a symbiotic relationship with these critters, so don't be afraid of them, unless you are having extreme reactions from their presence.

We hope this information helps you keep your eyelashes and eyes healthy by taking good care of your skin and lashes! Click here to find out more about our products and training classes. We can also be reached at extensionsbylindy@gmail.com.

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