November 01, 2016

Eyelash extensions are one of the easiest, fastest ways to take day-to-day beauty to a higher level. And Classic lashes (or basic eyelashes) can be a great look for almost everyone. The “classic” lashes are actually only applied to a natural lash, and not directly to the eyelid skin. So you can apply an eyelash extension where there is a natural lash. These type of lashes are ideal for clients who already have lots of lashes, but who would like to add more length to their current lash line, while appearing subtle and natural. These extensions basically make your eyelash line look darker and more curled while looking natural.

Classic are a one-to-one application. This is a method where one eyelash extension is glued onto one of your natural lashes. The diameters that can be used for classic are: .10, .12, .15, .18, .20, .25 (although a .25 diameter can be damaging, and that’s another post for another time). To purchase classic lash trays click here

Although classic lash extensions are great, there was a need to create something that would help those women who do not have very many lashes to begin with. These are called “volume” eyelash extensions, and they are perfect for those who need thicker eyelashes overall.

Stay tuned for next week's post highlighting Volume Eyelashes!