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How to Improve Client Experience

February 24, 2021

How to Improve Client Experience

Our clients have many options when it comes to choosing a lash artist. We want them to be our client, and we need them to feel they are important. Treating our clients right and letting them know they are important is a great start! Let's talk about how to improve their experience while in our care. 

When your client walks in they should be greeted immediately. If you call them by name that is even better. Before your day starts try printing out your schedule and/or reviewing it so that you know what and who you have coming in that day. Greet them while a smile, and a "Hey Cindy" when they arrive.

Ask your client upon during their service what they are looking for. Or if they are a returning client ask them how their service was last time. If is important to ask because they may be too shy about telling you that they want something different. Ask questions like how did you like the curl? How did you like the length? thickness etc? Let them know that it can always be adjusted so that they are receiving exactly what they want. When they leave use something to jot down notes about them so you remember when they come back. We recommend our client information cards for this.

During your clients appointment make sure it is an uplifting environment and conversation. Make sure they are comfortable and can rest. Let them do the talking, the last thing they want to do is pay to come listen to you talk about what is getting you down. Remember this is their me time, their sanctuary and we need to make it the best experience possible for them, not us.

Instead of always trying to look for more clients let's try our best to improve the experience of the ones that we have. This will help them coming back. 

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How to Improve Client Experience