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Clean Lashes Are Happy Lashes

September 05, 2019

Clean Lashes Are Happy Lashes

Foaming Wash Cleanser is one of the most important products to be in the hands of your clients and to have in hand as a lash artist. As a lash artist, it is our job to teach our clients how to care for their lashes. We are here to help with providing the products they will need! I am sure you have heard it before, clean lashes are happy lashes. 

Have you ever done a beautiful set of extensions only to hear that they didn't last longer than a week on the client? It can be one of the most devastating news as a lash artist to receive. Starting out an eyelash full set or fill with dirty natural lashes on the client can be a reason that the set does not last. It is important to start with a clean fresh plate. If a client comes in with dirty lashes they should be cleaned first. Dirty lashes can mean they have leftover make up on, it may look oily, or they have not washed them within the last 12 hours. 

If you need to wash them you can do it two ways. The first way you can send them to a sink and have them use the foam cleanser gently. You do not want them to rub their eyelash extensions when washing though. Just gently pat and apply the cleanser around the eye lid and eye lashes to properly cleanse. If you are cleaning the lashes for them you want to use an eyeshadow brush and the cleanser. Use the eye shadow brush to cleanse in-between those lashes thoroughly. Once you are done cleansing them thoroughly, wash them with a squirt bottle and make sure to get all of the cleanser off. Triple check to make sure that there is no cleanser residue. Once the eyes and lashes are thoroughly cleansed you can go ahead and start the set. 

A very important step of the eyelash extensions lasting once they are applied is cleansing. Good aftercare is just as important as a good application. Providing a Cleanser for your clients to purchase is definitely a good idea! 

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How to Clean Eyelash Extensions