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Eyelash Extensions versus Mascara

November 02, 2016

Eyelash Extensions versus Mascara

When it comes to wearing eyelash extensions or wearing mascara, which one do you think is more high maintenance? Some people say that eyelash extensions are too high maintenance, and that is definitely wrong! Lash extensions actually help you by make your beauty routine less high maintenance. Think of all the time you will save in the morning not having to apply coat after coat of mascara.

Most people also say wearing eyelash extensions makes it so that they don't even have to wear eyeliner anymore. This is because the appearance of the eyelash extensions gives the look of eyeliner.

While it is a given that when you have eyelash extensions you won't need to wear mascara or curl your lashes. The eyelash extensions give the perfect curl--and there are many curl options--and they provide thickness and length. This is everything you could want with no more early morning hassle!

Also, think about when you wash your face, go swimming, or come in contact with water. With lash extensions there is no more runny black mascara leaving unsightly tracks down your face!

So can you see that when it comes to wearing lash extensions versus wearing mascara, there's really no contest! Your beautiful lash extensions are hands down less daily maintenance than wearing mascara. Now, who wants to make up beautiful? 

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