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Faux Mink vs. Real Mink Lashes

November 02, 2016

In the world of eyelash extensions, mink is very popular and also the most natural looking lashes available today. Most people love mink lashes because they are not heavy, and depending on the look you have created, can appear so natural that people don't know you are wearing extensions.

Faux mink, also known as luxury mink or synthetic mink are available in canisters, little bags or in a tray on strips. When lashes first started becoming a "thing", they were only available in the canisters and little bags. These lashes were a stiffer lash with less flexibility. They were also hard to work with and added time to your application session. We now conveniently have the lashes on a strip which make them easy for you to use. At EBL Lashes, we are proud that our lashes are made of the highest quality of polyester which gives them a soft, flexible, and natural feel.

Now, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t confuse faux mink eyelash extensions with real mink eyelash extensions. Real mink lashes are also called real mink, mink fur, or Siberian mink lashes. These lashes are actually real mink animal hairs. They can cause allergic reactions in your client. These lashes are very, very fine and do not hold a curl. They are also harder for the lash artist to work with. To ensure your mink lashes last as long as possible, avoid using makeup removers and soaps that contain Glycol, which can dissolve the glue holding the lashes in place. This is why it’s important to learn the difference between faux mink versus real mink lashes.
At EBL Lashes, we are pleased to offer faux mink lash extensions that are available here: Faux Mink Lashes

If you would like to find out more about the differences between faux mink and real mink lashes, our products, and training classes, please give us a call at 801-885-1863 Monday-Friday from 9a.m.-5p.m, or write to us at extensionsbylindy@gmail.com.

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