Get a Basic Eyelash Kit Today!

August 20, 2017

As a newly trained eyelash extension professional, you’ll need a lash kit to get started out. One of our options available for only $199 is our Basic Lash Kit! It has everything you need to get started and do more than 50 sets of eyelash extensions and make up to $3,000. The products in this kit include:

Eye Patches (5 pink and 5 white, 10 pair total): be sure to apply these first.

Eyelash Extension Primer 50ml (1): used to remove oil and dust from the natural lashes.

Black Diamond Coating Sealant 7ml (1): used to protect eyelash extensions from oils, moisture, and dust.

Large Jade Stone (1): helps to keep your glue cool and moist for easily application.

Tweezers (1 Pair): the perfect pair to separate and pick up lashes.

Tweezer Case (1): protects tweezers.

Tape (1): used to hold down the natural lashes.

Microswabs (1 pack of 100): help with removing eyelash extension and applying primer

Adhesive (1): known for its fast-drying time of 1-2 seconds, used to apply lashes.

Gel Remover 15ml (1): used for a hassle free, damage free eyelash extension removal.

Pink Air Blower (1): used to instantly remove any eye stinging that may occur during the eyelash extension treatment.

Mascara Wands (1 pack of 50): be sure to use a new mascara wand for each client.

4 Mink Lash Trays (according to your preference; be sure to let us know or they will be picked at random): each EBL lash tray includes 16 rows of lashes.

Get started on your eyelash extension business today with the help of a Basic Lash Kit. If you have any more questions on the products available, contact EBL lashes at (801) 885-1863 or email us

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