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What Diameter Should I Use for Eyelash Extensions?

March 03, 2021

Eyelash Diameter

Eyelash extensions come in many different diameters. The diameter you choose will depend on a few things: the technique you are doing and the look your client is going for. Don't be scared because there are so many diameters to choose from. Let's break it down for you so you are ready for your next client! 
Let's start with the diameters you can use for volume lashes! This will go from the thinnest diameter until the thickest diameter. Each diameter you use for volume can look natural or dramatic depending on the amount of lashes you put into each fan.
  • .03- Is ideal for creating Mega Volume fans. When using this diameter use 6-15 eyelashes per fan. Because .03 are so thin you will need many of them to create a noticeable fan. These can be the hardest to work with, so if you are just starting volume we do not recommend them.
  • .05- This is a perfect in between diameter. You can use up to 8 eyelashes per fan. 
  • .06 & .07- This diameter is the most commonly used. You can use up to 6 eyelashes per fan on these. The most common is to use 4 and 5.
  • .10- This is the thickest width you can use for volume. Do not use more than three .10 lashes on a single, natural lash.

Classic lashes are the next best thing. With classic lashes you can also create a more natural look or a more dramatic look. The thicker the eyelash extension you use the more dramatic or thick your set will look. With classic lash diameters you can only apply one eyelash extension to one natural lash. 

  • .12- Will create a natural classic look or can be used on those baby lashes that appear in a natural lash line.
  • .15- For a first time client this is a great starter diameter.
  • .18- If your client gets .15 and asks for more this would be your next step.
  • .20- The thickest extension we offer and will create the boldest look. If you use this on someone who does not have a strong natural lash it can cause damage because it may be too heavy.

Something to keep in mind is that diameters can be mixed with one another. You can mix classic and volume to create a "hybrid" set. Or you can mix different diameters within classic and within volume to create more texture. 

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What Diameter Should I Use for Eyelash Extensions?