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How to Make Money Doing Eyelash Extensions

November 02, 2016

How to Make Money Doing Eyelash Extensions

Do you love having beautiful eyelashes that you don't have to think about making up every day? Do you enjoy helping others have the same experience? If you have been wondering how you can make money doing eyelash extensions for clients, today's blog is going to share ideas to help you do just that!

1- First things first; take your education seriously by spending time and money on quality training to provide you with the start you need to launch your business successfully. Make sure your training includes instruction on every aspect of your business--application, removal of eyelash extensions, eyelash fills, sanitation, aftercare, product knowledge, how to shape the eye, etc. It really does take spending money to make money!

2- Be the best you can be at what you do so that your clients are satisfied. Customer satisfaction is key to repeat business. Ask your clients before each appointment how their last fill experience went and if you can change anything to make it better. Your clients need to know that you care about their experience and their satisfaction. Make sure every client who walks through your door leaves happy.

3- Follow up with your clients. Before they leave their lash session, ask them when they would like to re-book their next session. Decision-fatigue happens when people spend all day making decisions and it can be exhausting. Re-booking with your clients after a session will help them have one less thing to think about down the road, and will also ensure that they are maintaining their lashes properly for optimum results.

4- Referrals will help your business if you offer your clients discounts for referring friends, family, and even strangers who stop and ask them about their beautiful lashes! How can offering discounts make you money? Think long-term versus short-term gain. Referral discounts will bring in more revenue as they are an incentive for your clients to bring more people through your door.

5- Most companies offer products at a discounted rate if you buy in bulk. This business strategy can work for you as you opt for bulk purchases when choosing products for your business. Buying in bulk can really save you a chunk of change.

6- Educate your clients. People like being informed. You need to explain how eyelash extensions work while showing your clients how they need to be maintained. An informed client will help trust in you and build their confidence in you as they see your knowledgeability in action. An informed client will also better care for their lashes, thus increasing client satisfaction.

Ultimately, the key to any successful business is keeping your clients happy. A happy client will keep coming back and grow your business.

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How to Make Money Doing Eyelash Extensions