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How to Make Your Lash Extension Clients More Comfortable

November 02, 2020

How to Make Your Lash Extension Clients More Comfortable

It's important to make your clients feel comfortable. They are in a new place with a new person, making them feel comfortable can leave a lasting impression. Try to put yourself in their position, or better yet go be the client so that you can know what can make them comfortable. In the meantime we will share some of our tips with you on client comfort.

As a lash artist you are most likely using a massage table. It does not necessarily matter what kind of massage table you get. Although some lash artists for their own comfort enjoy tables that you can put your legs under. The bed does not matter too much it is more the equipment you are putting on the bed. It's on top that will make your clients more comfortable.

Let's begin with what you can put on your bed for it to feel more luxurious. A mattress pad will make all the difference. Find one that fits the bed, or sometimes you may need to cut it to fit. On top of that you can place a bed warmer, this is great for those colder seasons. When your client comes you can give them the option to use it, while not all may want it, those that do will really enjoy it! Then on top of those a soft fitted sheet will be perfect. You will want to change that sheet after every client, or put a paper protective disposable sheet over it. If you choose to do the protective paper you will change that after each client. 

Now that we have got the bed set up let us introduce you to the EBL Pillow! Every lash artist needs this pillow. Your client will lay down and fall right to sleep! Who doesn't want a client that will fall asleep? This pillow is loved by lash clients on every bed! We recommend to place a towel over the pillow and change the towel after each client to keep sanitary. 

Last but not least, don't forget soft music. This can really help a client relax and feel comfortable. Although it is not a tangible comfort it is a comfort that is truly missed too often! 

We hope these tips help your client feel more comfortable in turn helping you to do your job better! Email us hello@ebllashhese.com with any questions! 



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How to Make Your Lash Extension Clients More Comfortable