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Is it important to wash lash extensions?

April 04, 2024

Is it important to wash lash extensions?

Washing your lash extensions is a must! It is a myth that you should not get your eyelash extensions wet. Or maybe you have heard that if you don't get them wet they last longer. (yikes!) Throw this idea away and hear us out as to why you should be using a lash wash on your lash extensions. 

Washing Lash Extensions will help avoid irritations and infections. Just like natural hair lash extensions need to be washed. Not washing your lash extensions will create oil, dust, and debris build up. This can result in  putting you at risk for an eye infection or irritation, which will lead to discomfort. Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid. Your eyelid can get inflamed from build up causing the pores to get clogged. Keeping your lash extensions clean by washing them will keep you free of risk of blepharitis and other eye irritations. We recommend to wash your lash extensions with a lash wash.

Keeping your lash extensions clean will also result in them looking their best! If you are applying make up or products around your eyes those will also build up. That build up can result in messy lashes that also may clump together. Washing your face will help with the products on your face but it is important to do a specific wash for your lash extensions to prevent this. We recommend to throughly wash the eyelid, under the eye lid, and through the lash extensions with a cleanser brush. Our wash is a foaming wash so that it can help get in-between those lashes making it squeaky clean!

Keeping lash extensions clean maintains lash health. Clean lashes are essential for the overall health of the natural lashes. Regular cleansing helps remove excess oil, makeup residue, and dead skin cells, allowing the lashes to breathe and grow freely.

As a lash artist it is important for you to teach your clients these things. Teaching clients to have clean lash extensions will result in them coming back with more lashes, and less for you to clean! 

Products Needed to Clean Your Lash Extensions:

Foaming Wash 

This wash is specially formulated to clean eyelash extensions. It has a foam so that it can get in between those lashes and get them clean. EBL Foaming Wash is gentle on the eyes free of stinging and irritation. 

Cleanser Brushes

We recommend to use our EBL Cleanser Brushes to really get in-between those lashes to make sure they are clean. The brushes are water proof. For sanitary purposes use a new brush per person. 

How to Clean Your Lash Extensions:

Step 1. Apply 2 pumps of Foaming Wash per eye. 

Step 2. Use Cleanser Brush  and gently brush in a downward motion as your eyes are closed. Brush the entire lash line. Also brush the eyelid under neath and above the eye. Repeat for other eye. 

Step 3. Rinse with water until all product is removed

Step 4. Pat eye dry. Make sure not to rub on the eyelash extensions. 

Shop our lash wash. Pair Lash Wash with a brush to make sure that you are getting in-between those lashes.  Have any questions? Feel free to email us hello@ebllashes.com You can also shop our other products at www.ebllashes.com 

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Is it important to wash lash extensions?