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How to Mix Lash Curls to Create Custom Lash Sets

April 09, 2024

How to Mix Lash Curls to Create Custom Lash Sets

When it comes to eyelash extensions there are many different looks you can create. You can customize your lash sets by mixing different lash curls. This technique allows lash artists to create dimension, texture, and enhance the overall appearance of the client's lashes. More and more lash artists are starting to mix curls and create something called a textured lash set.

What is a Textured Last Set?

A textured lash set is a type of eyelash extension set created that focuses on creating a multi-dimensional, wispy, or feathery effect using lashes of varying lengths, thicknesses, and/or curls. In this case we will focus on how to mix curls. If your client desires a not so perfect look, mixing curls will be the route for them! 

It can be hard to decide which curl to use let alone if you are using more than one curl in a set. Don't be scared of mixing curls this is how you will set yourself apart from other lash artists and create custom sets. Today we are going to tell you our favorite curl combos that you can try on YOUR clients! 

Let's start with the first rule when it comes to mixing curls. When you are mixing curls that are sisters (next to each other in the curl chart) it will blend more seamless and will not be too dramatic. When you are mixing curls that are not right next to each other on the chart it will give more of a dramatic look. Neither are bad, it just depends on what kind of look you are trying to achieve.

Different Ways to Mix Curls in a Lash Set

Curls can be mixed in a few different ways. Curls can be mixed in layers. One curl can be applied to the top layer of lashes and one curl can be applied to the bottom layer of lashes. Curls can also be mixed in sections throughout the eye. One section can be dedicated to one curl, and another section be dedicated to a different curl.

Now let's chat which curls to mix! Our beloved CC Curl is a very versatile curl and can be mixed with a few other curls. We love a good CC mix.

Mixing Curls with 2 Curl Lash Combo's:

  • CC and M (seamless mix)
  •  CC and L+
  •  CC and D
  • M and C (dramatic mix) 

 Now if you are more adventurous you can try mixing 3 curls. When mixing 3 curls just make sure that you take some time to map the set out.

Mixing Curls with 3 Curl Lash Combo's:

Overall, mixing curls in a lash set is a skillful technique that requires careful consideration of the client's features and preferences to achieve beautiful and natural-looking results. We hope you enjoyed learning about how to mix curls and which curls we recommend to mix. Obviously there are many more options but these are a great start. To shop our lash extensions to create these looks shop here. To learn more about mixing curls and styling the eye check out our Styling Course, it is available in person and online.

For questions email us hello@ebllashes.com 

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How to Mix Lash Curls to Create Custom Lash Sets