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Learn Lash Styling Workshop for Lash Artists

February 12, 2024

Learn Lash Styling Workshop for Lash Artists

Lash Styling Made Simple is a new workshop for already trained lash artists. EBL Lashes introduces a 1 day workshop designed for lash artists of all levels who want to have a thorough understanding of creating customizable lash sets for your clients. Whether you're a seasoned lash artist or just starting out in the eye lash industry, this course has you covered. Our educators will nail down everything from understanding different lash curls to tailoring styles based on eye shape and lash growth structure, basic maps to creative/advanced maps. And as an added bonus we will share tips on taking great photos and promoting your work on Instagram!

Let’s take a peek at the course outline:

Section I - Back to Basics
Understanding lash curls is crucial for achieving a specific lash look. We will kick off this workshop by diving into various curl types and their unique features. Learn when to apply them based on your clients' eye shapes and lash growth patterns. Discover how to blend curls effectively to achieve the desired style. You will have a greater understanding of what lash extensions and curls to use during your sets to compliment your clients features the best. 

Section II - Lash Maps & Layering 101
Next up, we will explore lash maps, lash layering, and the methods for achieving specific styles through a blend of both techniques. This part of our workshop will show you how to recognize layers and leverage lash layering to craft specific looks. We will cover basic lash maps, along with our favorite trending lash maps (including pixie, strip lash look variations, and wet lash look), and guide you on when to use them.

Section III - Our 3-Step Styling Process
Our workshop is called Styling Made Simple, so in this section we will do just that! We’re going to show you how to simplify the art of lash styling with our 3-step process: evaluating eye shape, choosing a basic map, then sprinkling in additions such as layering and spikes. Don’t worry, if you’re having trouble determining different eye shape and need specifics on texture and spikes, we got you in covered on that as well.

Section IV - BONUS: Showcasing Your Work
Now that you know how to create customized lash sets, it’s time to learn how to properly promote them on social media and start getting some more clients in the door! As an added bonus, we will provide our top tips on taking Instagram-worthy photos to showcase your work, as well as crafting captions that actually attract clientele. We will also share our exact process and script on getting models in the door so you can practice your new skills!

Ready to stand out as a lash artist in your area who crafts customized lash sets? Our three-hour course is your golden ticket to leveling up your lash career! No need to bring a model - just dive into mastering the art. Enroll now and launch your journey to master the art of lash styling!


Is a kit included?
Yes! With this course you will receive a kit that includes 2 mixed trays, adhesive, 1 tweezer, a lash mirror, glue rings, and practice sponges. Included is also a mini lash map cheat sheet that is small enough to keep in your lash station at all times!

How much is this workshop?
The investment of our Styling Made Simple workshop is $499. Payment plans are available when purchasing on our website.

Do we need a model?
No model will be needed - instead we will focus more on your technique by practicing mapping and layering on a sponge. You will have everything in your kit needed for practice!

Do we get a certificate?
You will receive an EBL Lashes certificate at the end of this workshop.

Who is allowed to perform lash extensions?
Please check your state rules and regulations in order to confirm you are able to perform the lash extension service. Most states require some form of cosmetology or esthetician license, while others do not.

What are the prerequisites for this course?
At the very minimum you will need to have the knowledge of applying lash extensions, even if it’s just classic and/or premades. We will not be going over making volume fans in depth.

Enroll here and feel free to email us with any questions hello@ebllashes.com

If you are interested in learning eyelash extensions and need a beginner course check out our Beginner Courses.

If you already know Classic Lash Extensions and need an advanced course to learn volume and more check out our Advanced Course.

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Learn Lash Styling Workshop for Lash Artists