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Tips for Applying Lash Extensions on Mature Clients

May 11, 2021

Tips for Applying Lash Extensions on Mature Clients

As a lash artist I always loved having the opportunity to lash all kinds of different clients. The range of looks we can do, the different eye shapes to work with, and all the different layers of course can be so fun. Isn’t it fun to help our clients achieve the lashes of their dreams? People will have different kinds of lashes, let’s talk about the differences you may find when lashing a mature client.
First things—this is a general rule of thumb, as people age they tend to have less hair. The more mature clients can have less natural lashes to lash! This can be a good or bad thing, but let’s try to make it the best situation for them. Having less lashes means you may not be able to achieve the fullness that they want. You can though get them fuller than what they have! Since volume tends to be lighter, and give more coverage it is a great option for someone with less natural lashes.
Mature clients tend to have more eyelid skin that sags which can get in your way. Tape can be your best friend and help keep that skin out of your way. Below is a visual on how to use tape to lift that skin so you can better see the natural lashes. If you do not move the skin you will end up applying the eyelash extension further away from the eye lid, which is not proper application.
My last tip especially for mature clients is have a stool they can use to get on and off your bed. Have fun with them, and take carer of them, they can be your most loyal clients!

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