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Understanding Adhesive and Humidity for Eyelash Adhesive

November 21, 2019

Understanding Adhesive and Humidity for Eyelash Adhesive

Did you know that humidity plays a role into how your adhesive works? Your environment also plays a role into how your adhesive works. Let's dig in to see if some of these may be working against you! 

Do you have a fan in your room? Or run the heater or AC? These can affect the way your adhesive is working. Fans, heaters, and air conditioners ( or anything that circulates air) can dry your adhesive out quicker than normal. If you feel that your adhesive is dying (or becoming tacky) quicker than the manufacturers guide lines air may be a contributor. (We are talking about the adhesive that is dispensed on a Jade Stone). Try to stay away from the direct path of the fan. Make sure that the head of your client is not close to an air vent. It is normal to change your adhesive dot a few times throughout and appointment, pay attention though if it is quicker than normal. If it becomes "tacky" that means you will need to get a new adhesive dot. 

How about the window, are you lashing close to a window? Adhesive should stay away from heat. In the summer months it would be a good idea to make sure that the clients head and where the adhesive is, is not in direct light and or heat with the window. Remember we like to store adhesive in a cool, dry place. 

Now let us go into humidity. Humidity is one of your biggest determining factors of how your adhesive will work. A general rule of thumb is the higher your humidity the quicker your adhesive will cure. Adhesive is attracted to moisture, moisture is everywhere. Specifically moisture is in the air. It is a good idea to know your humidity and track it doing you lash appointment. Our client information cards would come in hand to keep this information on ;) If you do not have enough moisture your adhesive will take longer to cure. 

The amount of adhesive you are using also plays a roll into how it will perform. If you feel that your adhesive is not curing quick enough you can try using less adhesive or adding in a humidifier for more moisture. If you feel it is drying too quickly for your liking try to turn off your humidifier, also you can try using a little more adhesive. 

I hope these adhesive tips help you and gear you in the right direction. Sometimes it will take trying a few of these tips to see what may work best for you and your environment. 


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Understanding Adhesive and Humidity for Eyelash Adhesive