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Ways To Attract New Eyelash Extension Clients

October 12, 2020

Ways To Attract New Eyelash Extension Clients


There are many ways to attract new clients. We are going to give you our best tips to get your books full, and how to keep them full! Did you know the average salon loses 20% of its clientele a year? Let's get you keeping those clients you work so hard to gain.

First up, reviews. Do you have them? Utilize your current and happy clients, have them write reviews for you. Most clients will gladly write reviews if you just ask. Have an iPad handy the next time they come in and show them where you would like your review Google/Yelp/Etc. You can offer an incentive to leave a review, but in most cases, they will gladly write one for you. Something to remember though, when you get busy and your clientele grows, remember to always take care of the clients that took care of you.

If you haven't done so yet, set up a website. A website can help you be found on search engines like google. Make sure yo include important information on your website like where you are located, how to contact you, professional photos of your work, and your price list!

Utilize free social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook can build your full clientele if you allow it to. On Instagram show your work, make sure yo show before an afters. Tell your audience how your service can help make their life easier. People want you to solve a problem with the service you provide, show them how you can. Make sure your social media looks clean and professional.

Think of a promotion to run that will entice clients to book with you! Offer a discount on a full set or a new client price. This can bee a great idea to do periodically to get new clients in the door! A giveaway can be a good way to get new people to your social page as well. Lean on family and friends for a referral. Tell them about the services you offer. They can help you spread the word to their friends and so on down the line.

Partner will a local business or two. Offer to exchange services and/or change referrals. Clients will not always be knocking at your door, Moree times than not you have to do the work to find them.

Once you have your client in the door make it a great experience. Make sure your workspace is clean, organized, well lit, and smells nice. Think about the last time you went in somewhere and it was dark and dim did it seem inviting? Make it exciting for them to bee there and exciting for them to come back. Always make it a positive experience. Focus the service time on them and their needs.

We promise if you use these tips you will see your clientele grow. It is important that as you are growing to give each client the quality that they need and expect from you still. Know your limits once you are full work on maintaining those clients! 

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Ways To Attract New Eyelash Extension Clients