Welcome a New Addition to our Curl Family

November 02, 2016

We have some great news at EBL Lashes this week...we have added the lovely "B curl" to our website! We love having this curl in our product line and are excited to offer it for our clients. In today's blog, we just want to touch base on the different curls available in eyelash extensions.

-- "J curl" will be your most natural eyelash extension (which we do not carry). These are not commonly sold or used because they do not have much of a curl to them, and most of us love a nice curl in our lash extensions!

-- "B curl" will be your next curl. It is a natural curl that is great to be used on people that want a natural-looking curl.

-- "C curl" is the most commonly used curl. These extensions appear as if you curled your natural lashes with an eyelash curler.

-- "D curl" will be your most dramatic curl option. These are great for people that want a little "pop" to their eyes or a little more drama!

-- The "L+ curl" is a beauty of its own which we will talk about in its own post.

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