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Why Choose EBL Lash Trays?

November 02, 2016

Why Choose EBL Lash Trays?

Our lash trays are made of the highest quality PBT fiber. Our lash trays have over 4,000 individual eyelash extensions per tray! The trays are easy to use with 16 lines of lashes per tray. Each line can be taken out and placed on a tile to use for easy access during the application time.

In the stone-age time of lash extensions, we used to have to use individual lashes that came in a bag, and there was no organization to them. Now they are nicely aligned on a strip for easy access and removal to apply them.

Additionally, the length is located on the side of each line so that you won't forget which is which.

We have found that lash artists love our eyelash trays because they are a high quality product for a hard-to-beat price! We are sure you will love them too.

If you have been searching for lash trays that will serve you and your clientele well, and that have a reputations for quality, look no further! We are excited for you to experience EBL lashes for yourself.

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Why Choose EBL Lash Trays?