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CC-Curl Single-Length Lash Trays


  • In order to determine the best type of eyelash that suits your needs, EBL lashes provides some guidelines about curl type, length, and thickness.

B curl is a very natural curl, it will give the look of a natural uncurled eyelash.
C curl creates attractive lashes as if they were permed, and it is the most commonly used curl.
CC curl is our perfect in between curl, giving you slightly more than C curl but slightly less than D curl.
D curl is used to create doll-like lashes for special occasions or those who want more drama.
L+ curl has a straight base then transitions into the curl of a D curl. With a straight base it is great for clients who have a natural straight lash because it is able to align more with the natural lash giving a longer lasting extension.

6mm-7mm trays are available in C.07 and come with 8 rows of each length. 
8mm-9mm used on the inside and outside of the eye area
10mm-12mm most commonly used for the middle of the eye area for a natural look
13mm and 14mm creates a dramatic look
15mm this length is very dramatic and should not be unless the natural lash is strong

.03 used for volume
.05 used for volume
.06 used for volume
.07 used for volume
.10 used for volume
.12 thinnest available for classic
.15 for classic
.18 a good average thickness for classic
.20 used for classic dramatic look

EBL Lash Trays include 16 rows of lashes. EBL Lash Trays are made of the highest quality PBT fiber. The material is very soft to the touch. Each tray includes over 1600 lashes. Because they are made of high quality materials you will notice they do not loose their curl over time. They are simply the best.

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