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10 Ways to Become a Faster Lash Artist

April 21, 2021

10 Ways to Become a Faster Lash Artist

How to become a faster lash artist is a frequent question that we get! Once you become one you have a desire to be faster and faster. I want to sharer the secrets that helped me as a lash artist to improve may speed. Two years into my career I got my classic full set time down to 1 hour and 45 minutes, and my application was pristine. Here is how I did it. 

  1. Keep an organized workspace. Have a place for everything. After each client give yourself a few minutes to clean up and put your items away. Give yourself time to set up for your next client if necessary. At the end of the day clean all tweezers properly and sanitize your space for the next day.
  2. Use client information cards. Keep track of what you use and the shape you do on your clients. This will help you know what to get ready for them and make the appointment a breeze because your products will be ready. 
  3. Good lighting. This one is important. If it is possible natural light will help a lot. But a god light is essential. Glamcor is our favorite but the next and more affordable would be a ring light. A good light can make a world of a difference for a lash artist.  
  4. Teach your clients to come with clean lashes. If you teach them from the start how to clean them and whah they should use you set them up for success, in turn making your job easier! If someone comes with dirty lashes you will have to take then time to clean them.
  5. Have tiles set up. Have a few lash tiles and have them set up and organized. Having your tiles already set up can make it easy to just grab what tile you want when you need it. On your tile have two of your most used strips on your tile.
  6. Use a quick drying adhesive. Using a quick drying adhesive can help you to lash faster and help avoid lash extensions sticking together. The less lashes that stick together the less you have to separate at tech end!
  7. Glasses. Make sure that if you wear glasses that your prescription is up to date. If you feel that you need more, some lash artists prefer to wear magnifying glasses. 
  8. Good tweezer plus a back up. Make sure you have a pair of tweezers that work well for you and are comfortable. Having a back up pair is also a must!
  9. Tape. Tape can be your best friend! Use it through out the set in different ways to move and manipulate those lashes so you can get them all. 
  10. Practice. Seems simple right? I practiced on over 175 people in a 3 month period. I truly believe this helped speed my full set time up the most. You will not get better practice then you will on a client.
We hope you enjoy these tips! Implement them into your lash life and let us know own they work for you! Feel free to email us with any questions hello@ebllashes.com 


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10 Ways to Become a Faster Lash Artist