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4 New Products You Need as a Lash Artist!

January 26, 2020

4 New Products You Need as a Lash Artist!

We have a few fun things that are new around here! All of them lucky for you make your lash life easier and more comfortable! It's important that our clients are comfortable so let's show you what we came out with! 

First up we have our Pro Tape! This tape is silly smooth, oh so soft, and comes off their skin like a breeze. Having a soft tape makes brushing the eyelash extensions easier. The second that brush hits the tape if its not a smooth one it gets caught or can place lint on those lashes. Grab yourself a Pro Tape and thank us later. 

Picture this you're in the middle of a set and your client accidentally opens her eye(s). You know the drill- she starts complaining of some stinging. That is when a fan will come in handy. Our EBL Fan is rechargeable, light weight, and easy for the client to hold whenever they may need. The fan can also be used at the end of the eyelash extension appointment to ensure there are no lingering fumes when the client is ready to open their eyes.


We want our clients to be comfortable and cozy. There is no better way than with the EBL Pillow. It offers your clients neck support, while also allowing them to fall fast asleep. There is room on both sides of the pillow to set your products on. It also brings your client up to the correct height so there is less strain on your back and neck. 


Lastly, this is a must have- the Satin Eye Pads! Eye Pads are definitely a luxury for the client. They are cool and soft on the client. They stay in place while keeping those bottom lashes down. When the service is over enjoy a pain free removal. They come off quick and easy. Trust me your clients will thank you. Also if you need extra security with hose bottom lashes you can always use some tape on top of those eye pads. 

We hope you enjoy a few of these new releases. All of these products are making you and your client more comfortable during the service! 


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4 New Products You Need as a Lash Artist!