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5 Professional Eyelash Extension Tweezers for Your Business

April 06, 2022

5 Professional Eyelash Extension Tweezers for Your Business

Determining the perfect professional eyelash tweezer can be difficult. There are many to choose from as a lash artist! Do I use curved, straight, long, or short? The list goes on, right?

We want to help you pick the perfect tweezers for you!

First off, let's choose your isolating tweezer. We recommend one with a curve at the tip. This can be easier on your wrist and create less long-term pain. It will be more comfortable on the client; the curve allows the tweezer to not rest on their eyelid as you are separating. Here are the tweezers we recommend to isolate:

406 - People love this one because it is long and lightweight

203 - This is a versatile tweezer with a great curve

Now, let's move onto your tweezer for pick up. For Classic and Volume, you will use different tweezers for pick up. You can use the same tweezer for isolation, as nothing is changing for that. We recommend 201 or 202 for classic pick up! Classic should be quick and easy; these will grab that lash extension with little tension, which (in the long run) is better for your wrist.

For Volume, you will need a tweezer that can pick up multiple thinner diameter lash extensions. If the lash tweezer does not close softly and fully, it may not pick up well. Our best-sold Volume Tweezer is our 209 tweezer! Lash Artists are raving about it for Mega Volume as well as Volume.

These are the 5 professional eyelash tweezers we recommend every lash artist have in stock! It is also a great idea to have multiple of each, so you have a clean one for each client. For a wide selection, check out our tweezers to find the perfect match for your lashes.

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5 Professional Eyelash Extension Tweezers for Your Business