November 02, 2016

Beautiful eyes can make or break your "look", just like a healthy smile can make all the difference to your projected self-confidence. EBL Lashes Eyelash extensions have the ability to make your client's eyes stand out, to bring out a subtle, natural look or an all out bold, dramatic look, depending on their goals. So how much time does it take to apply extensions?

Typically, a full set of lashes takes approximately two hours to apply. Once they are in, lashes can be maintained throughout the year with periodic touch-ups (recommended every three to four weeks or so). A half set of lashes are a way to achieve a similarly bold look, and can be applied as filler to thicken the natural lashes, or even applied outward from the eye.

Even as clients have different lashes--length and thickness, and depending on the health and condition of the natural lashes, lash artists can only achieve a certain length or thickness so as not to harm the natural lashes. For the client who is unsure about what they want to achieve, especially if it is their first time, it is best to start them out with a half set. It is always easier to add more lashes than to remove them.

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