March 08, 2017

Today we are going to talk a little bit about what eyelash fills are and what they mean for your client. The basic technique for applying eyelash extensions on your clients is using tweezers (see our earlier blog) to place a synthetic eyelash extension on a natural lash to “fill out” the client’s lashes. This is done by dipping the lash you will be attaching into the lash glue and placing it carefully onto the natural lash close to the lash line. Remember, you are not placing it on the eyelid itself!

Once your client has a full set of eyelash extension, they will need to come in periodically for “fills’. Fills are simply new lashes placed on natural lashes as the old ones fall off. Ideally, your client will come in every two to four weeks, but longer wait times may mean it will take longer to fill the lashes as more lashes will need to be filled. The client’s lashes have a natural growth cycle, just like hair. Natural lashes fall off anywhere from 60-90 days and new ones will grow in to replace them.

Factors that can influence how often your client is seen for fills may include:

-- What they do to care for their lashes.
-- How much makeup they use on the lashes.
-- What kinds of products the extensions are being exposed to.
-- How the client sleeps, i.e. on their back or on their face or side where the pillow is rubbing the eyes.
-- If the lashes are exposed to heat or water, etc.

Depending on the client’s needs, you may be called upon to simply balance the fill for maintenance, switching to a fuller look and using the volume technique, make a change to the style, or a change tot he length of the fill. Fills are a good opportunity for you to refine your client's style based on what look they are going for, as well as what events your client might be experiencing. It is an opportunity for the client to play with their look and for you to express your creativity and artistry.

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