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How to Run A Business While Having a Family

October 08, 2019

How to Run A Business While Having a Family

I started this business as a single mom, and now still run it while growing my family! I am going to share with you some ways I manage to do it and keep sane! Some key factors are know your expectations, communicate, manage time, have a passion for it then balance it all!

First you need to seek out your expectations. This means effectively and openly communicating with your family, your employees, and yourself. Hold weekly business meetings with yourself or employees if applicable. Talk and communicate with your family about what is expected of them, and what they expect of you! Don’t forget to take time for yourself. Otherwise you will find yourself resenting your company or your family. Because before you can take care of anyone else, you have to take care of yourself first. We need to remember what makes us happy- including the little things you do for yourself, that make you want to laugh, or snuggle down, smile, or feel a bit of contentment in the midst of chaos. What do you do that brings you that feeling? Think of at least five right now and jot them down.

After Expectations are clearly defined, Schedules have to be made.
My time has to be managed very carefully.I am a mom, a wife, an employee, and an employer. I live by calendars and to-do lists to keep me moving and motivated. I have learned there is nothing more satisfying than checking something off? Am I right?
In the end, if you give neither area the attention or effort they deserve. Both will suffer. My best advice is do what you do best and hire out the rest! Now that your worlds are clearly defined and scheduled, you can set them both up for success.

But first, Believe in your business. Believe in your family. Believe in your success to balance them both. The more you will believe, the more you will become. If you treat yourself, your company, your family as smart, successful, and capable, they will become smarter, more successful, and more capable. Buddha was quoted to say, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.”

Don’t lose the passion. If you don’t love it as much as your children, you shouldn’t be doing it. That is why you make your passion your business, and not vice versa. This may sound terrible, but my husband has often referred to my business as my other child. I love my children. I love EBL. I have a passion for both. And because of that, I make sure to designate time to both individually.
I take them out. I talk with them. I give them my all.

And lastly and continually you have to assess yourself in your roles and respond accordingly. Yes, balance is great. But sometimes it’s more a juggling act. Maybe there is a certain juggling ball, be it business or family, that you need to hold on to a little longer while you leave the others up in the air for a bit.Balance is great, but be aware of all areas of your life. Because the juggling, that’s what keeps the order and devotion flowing.

With these 4 points — known expectations, schedules, consistent passion, and proper assessment and response, anyone can have a business while having a family. Heck I managed to add to my family a husband and twins all while not only keeping my business afloat, but building upon it. And you can too.

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How to Run A Business While Having a Family