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Tips for A New Lasher Stocking Your Kit

October 04, 2019

Tips for A New Lasher Stocking Your Kit

Are you new to the eyelash industry and do not know where to start with products?

Here are a few must have items that we would like to share with you! 
First and most important you will need lashes! Lashes of all shapes and sizes. It is good to have a good variety to use. A few different curls and a few different diameters. Luckily we have Mixed Trays that come with a variety of lengths in each tray! We recommend to purchase Mixed Trays to start and then as you go through the mixed trays re order more of the specific length that you may need in a single length tray! 

Second most important and can't live without is adhesive!  We offer a variety of adhesives. They are not all created equal. We have Ultra X which is great for a new lash artist because it is a 2-3 second dry time. We have Magic adhesives which are great for classic or volume new or advanced lash artist. The Magic adhesives are good in a wide range of humidity. Grand Rapid is great for those that live in a dry climate and are a quick lash artist. 

The Prep and Finish products are just as important as the lashes. You will need items to get those lashes ready for eyelash extensions. As well as products to keep those lashes lasting as long as possible once they are on! A few of the things not to forget are primer, tape, eye pads, mascara wands, and a sealer! 

Remember to keep track of your inventory and keep it stocked!









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Tips for A New Lasher Stocking Your Kit