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Do Your Clients Talk During Their Lash Appointment?

January 17, 2020

Do Your Clients Talk During Their Lash Appointment?

Do you wish that your clients slept through your appointment? Or do you like them to not chat? It's a toss up and total personal preference on whether or not you like them to be chatty! We want to share our take on it.

Let's start with the pro's of chatting. Clients can be so fun to talk to during their appointment. While you're lashing you want to get to know them right? So it makes sense for you to do some chatting! We also think that it is professional to do some chatting ask how their day was, and of course ask how their lashes are. After all when you see them every three weeks you've got time to get to know them. So in our opinion some chatting is definitely welcomed!

On the other hand it can be distracting when your clients are being chatty. It is a good idea to tell them before hand that if they move too much or talk with too much expression that they can move their eye pads, which we know is no good. Also if they are talking too much it can sometimes slow you down. Not to be forgotten if their eyes can feb opening while they are talking causing them to get red and irritated from the adhesive. Here are 3 good tips on how to help them keep their eyes calm during their lash appointment. 

1. Keep the topics light and bright. Let them talk about themselves, but also make sure it is positive. Sometimes when people start talking things that they are emotional about their eyes can start jittering or even worse start watering! Kept the conversation light and happy! 

2. Create a calming atmosphere. It is important to create a space where your clients feel comfortable. You can make your bed up with bed warmers, mattress pads, extra blankets, and a lash pillow of course! Play calming music or offer them some head phones, maybe they want to listen to something on their phone? Some lash artists love to have some calming oil like Lavender around to spritz in their room for some calming effects. 

3. Ask them to silence their phones when they come. It can be so hard when clients want to answer their phone. Or better yet have you answer their phone. Anyone?

Don't be scared to be upfront and tell your clients your policies. It is best to be upfront and kind rather than have to come back awkwardly later. Or if you are okay with chatting then go on with that! Maybe you will get a good mix of both! 



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Do Your Clients Talk During Their Lash Appointment?